Monday, March 15, 2010

Finding HELP! ... A Story

Life seemed to be going by fine, when something happened. It seemed like all of a sudden, everything went wrong and I needed help. Almost overnight, I was poor, hungry, and I had to move or I’d be homeless. I had a disability, needed medical care and had recently been a victim of a crime. Devastated, life seemed to be spiraling out of control around me. I referred to my life at the time as a “gerbil wheel”. The wheel was spining, I just couldn’t seem to make it stop, to get off and change my life around. Though I knew it was probably buried inside, I didn’t have time for depression. Embarrassed that I needed stability, a home, food, money; I struggled with my inner pride and a deep desire to remain independent. The age old story of, ego verses human will to survive. My stomach gurgled with hunger and survival won. I knew I had to find and accept help, but I was still lost.

I didn’t know where to turn for help, or how to get the assistance I needed in order to move on. I knew it was out there, it was just hard to find. I called every local government agency; many times I was referred to another agency. Hold times were very long. I needed help yesterday, but today I found that struggling through the myriad of programs which could help me was a frustrating and time consuming challenge.

I realize I am not alone; life rarely runs smoothly and almost everyone finds themselves needing help at some point in their life. Whether assistance needed is financial, medical, housing, legal, words of encouragement, in some other form, or all at once…most of us will find ourselves lost when seeking help.

I hope you find some assistance with the help of... Help! Benefits Made Easy!!

HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy

If you need help getting by in these difficult financial times ...
You need to read... HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy

If you are disabled, out of work, a senior, crime victim, veteran, or just going through
"bad times" ...
You need to read... HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy

If you need affordable housing or help paying your mortgage; help paying your medical expenses; help paying utility bills, or feeding your family, free legal and tax assistance, or any assistance ...
You need to read... HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy

If you've ever wanted to know about benefit programs and how to apply for them ...
You need to read... HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy

If you want to learn how to get a free phone, computer, or to earn extra cash ...
You need to read... HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy

Life isn’t easy, and this economy is making it harder for most. Though you were once successful, or at least making ends meet, it may now be a struggle to; to keep your home, to heat or light it, to eat, to cope with a medical need, disability, or age, just to survive.

Whatever your needs are, there is help, a benefit, an organization, a program...

Unfortunately, there is no magic genie. Luckily, there is an overwhelming abundance of Government programs, resources, organizations, and other forms of assistance available. Sorting through resources, programs and finding the help that is right for you can be a daunting task, and it takes time.

Time is precious when you are fighting for survival…of any kind.

HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy is a blog connected to the print publication of the same name. Both are designed to shorten that time, to help direct you to benefits, programs or assistance you may not know are available, or understand how to acquire, or apply for.

The printed guide explains many programs and the steps you will need to take to apply for them, while also serving as a workbook with room for notes and phone numbers. Throughout the pages you will find information on many of the major benefit programs and other assistance available for many individual needs.

On this blog, HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy
You can ask questions regarding benefits and assistance programs or organizations
Get tips on applying for benefits
Share your experiences with benefit programs
Share new programs or assistance available

read on ... and find the assistance you need!
Good Luck!
Email for information on obtaining a copy of the Print publications,
HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy

Table of Contents: Help! Benefits Made Easy

Wondering what information is contained within the print publication...
HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy
check out the
Seek And Ye Shall Find
Section One: Keep it Together - Stay Organized
Know Your Needs
Help diary
Creating Folders Bills/Assets/Applications
Section Two: Help! One Stop Resource Shopping
The Library
Telephone Book
Free Computers
Help on the Web
Local Help
Assemblyman & Councilman
Community & Civic Organizations
Houses of Worship
Section Three Help! The Big Picture
Public Assistance/Welfare/TANF
Charity Organizations & Other Help
Section Four: Section
Help! I’m Hungry
Local Food
Other Options
Government Assistance
Food Stamps/ SNAP
Section Five: Help! I Can’t Pay My Utility Bills
Go Local
Free & Discounted Phone Service
Public Assistance
Section Six: Help I Need Cash
What Can I Do For Cash?
Government Cash Assistance
Retirement Benefits
Death & Survivor Benefits
Veterans Benefits
Section Seven: Help! I can’t Afford Medical Care
Government Assistance
For Women
Children’s Health care
Local Medical Assistance
Prescription Assistance
Section Eight: Help! I Can’t Afford Rent/Mortgage
If you are Homeless
Unable to Pay Rent?
Community Outreach Programs
Public Housing
Affordable Housing
Unable to Pay Your Mortgage
Other Help
If You’ve Lost Your Home
Section Nine: Help! I Need A Job
State Unemployment Insurance Program
Government Programs
Ticket To Work
Senior Job Placement
Disabled Job Placement
A Sample Resume
Section Ten: Help! I’m A Senior
Senior Organizations
Senior Meal Programs
Senior Housing
Section Eleven: Help! I’m Disabled
American Disabilities Act
Section Twelve: Help! I’m A Victim of A Crime
Crime Victim Assistance
National Programs
Domestic Violence
Section Thirteen: Help! I Need Legal Assistance
Low Cost or Free Legal Services
Notary Public
Section Fourteen: Help! ...Free Tax Preparation
For More Information email