Monday, March 15, 2010

Finding HELP! ... A Story

Life seemed to be going by fine, when something happened. It seemed like all of a sudden, everything went wrong and I needed help. Almost overnight, I was poor, hungry, and I had to move or I’d be homeless. I had a disability, needed medical care and had recently been a victim of a crime. Devastated, life seemed to be spiraling out of control around me. I referred to my life at the time as a “gerbil wheel”. The wheel was spining, I just couldn’t seem to make it stop, to get off and change my life around. Though I knew it was probably buried inside, I didn’t have time for depression. Embarrassed that I needed stability, a home, food, money; I struggled with my inner pride and a deep desire to remain independent. The age old story of, ego verses human will to survive. My stomach gurgled with hunger and survival won. I knew I had to find and accept help, but I was still lost.

I didn’t know where to turn for help, or how to get the assistance I needed in order to move on. I knew it was out there, it was just hard to find. I called every local government agency; many times I was referred to another agency. Hold times were very long. I needed help yesterday, but today I found that struggling through the myriad of programs which could help me was a frustrating and time consuming challenge.

I realize I am not alone; life rarely runs smoothly and almost everyone finds themselves needing help at some point in their life. Whether assistance needed is financial, medical, housing, legal, words of encouragement, in some other form, or all at once…most of us will find ourselves lost when seeking help.

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