Monday, March 15, 2010

Table of Contents: Help! Benefits Made Easy

Wondering what information is contained within the print publication...
HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy
check out the
Seek And Ye Shall Find
Section One: Keep it Together - Stay Organized
Know Your Needs
Help diary
Creating Folders Bills/Assets/Applications
Section Two: Help! One Stop Resource Shopping
The Library
Telephone Book
Free Computers
Help on the Web
Local Help
Assemblyman & Councilman
Community & Civic Organizations
Houses of Worship
Section Three Help! The Big Picture
Public Assistance/Welfare/TANF
Charity Organizations & Other Help
Section Four: Section
Help! I’m Hungry
Local Food
Other Options
Government Assistance
Food Stamps/ SNAP
Section Five: Help! I Can’t Pay My Utility Bills
Go Local
Free & Discounted Phone Service
Public Assistance
Section Six: Help I Need Cash
What Can I Do For Cash?
Government Cash Assistance
Retirement Benefits
Death & Survivor Benefits
Veterans Benefits
Section Seven: Help! I can’t Afford Medical Care
Government Assistance
For Women
Children’s Health care
Local Medical Assistance
Prescription Assistance
Section Eight: Help! I Can’t Afford Rent/Mortgage
If you are Homeless
Unable to Pay Rent?
Community Outreach Programs
Public Housing
Affordable Housing
Unable to Pay Your Mortgage
Other Help
If You’ve Lost Your Home
Section Nine: Help! I Need A Job
State Unemployment Insurance Program
Government Programs
Ticket To Work
Senior Job Placement
Disabled Job Placement
A Sample Resume
Section Ten: Help! I’m A Senior
Senior Organizations
Senior Meal Programs
Senior Housing
Section Eleven: Help! I’m Disabled
American Disabilities Act
Section Twelve: Help! I’m A Victim of A Crime
Crime Victim Assistance
National Programs
Domestic Violence
Section Thirteen: Help! I Need Legal Assistance
Low Cost or Free Legal Services
Notary Public
Section Fourteen: Help! ...Free Tax Preparation
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